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About me

Hello there, my name is Sophia. I am 18 years old, a college student, currently studying Economics, Computer and Networking.
Ever since I was a kid, I have always had a passion for singing, dancing, acting, fashion and makeup. Through the years of my adolescence, I have forever been a fond of learning new things, especially through the internet. I am always enthusiastic to learn new things and continually looking forward to improve my skills.

Once upon a time in 2008, I came across this magical place called Youtube, and it completely changed my life. I learned so many things there. Youtube helped me improve and gain more knowledge about what I always loved doing. Lauren (Panacea81) and Aubrey (Fafinettex3) on YouTube, was one of the first Beauty Gurus who taught me so much and inspired me to create my own YouTube channel.
I eventually started to get better and better at the things I dearly loved. Especially in makeup. Every time I did my makeup, people tend to always ask me, "How did you do your makeup? It looks so nicely done" and "Could you teach me how you do it?" And because I was already so inspired by the wonderful YouTube Beauty Community, I took the courage to start my own Youtube channel.
I posted a couple of hair and makeup tutorials and got a lot positive feedback. I was thrilled to know that people liked the contents that I was producing. Although, when I look back at my old videos, they probably aren't that great, haha!
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep up with my school's busy schedule and post videos on YouTube at the same time. I did however manage to post one or two videos occasionally but I sure wasn't consistent and it is probably the reason why I don't have much subscribers.
Now that I am in College and have a job, it’s even harder for me to post videos on my YouTube channel. I then thought, what better way to deliver my knowledge than to have my own blog? Despite the fact having a blog and producing contents for it is a bit time-consuming but it sure doesn't take as much time than having to post a video every other day.
Having a blog made me realize my newly formed passion for writing. I know that I have a lot more to learn, only this time I am not alone. I want you guys to join me on this journey and learn new things along with me!

With love Sophia~