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Monday, July 27, 2015

5 Secrets to Long-Lasting Lipstick

Hello my lovelies!

Long time no blog post! I know, it has been a quite while since my last blog post. I am terribly sorry for being MIA for 3 weeks. I was caught up in my birthday and then it was Eid (Muslim Holiday). Things got rather busy. But I'm glad to be back in my writing spirit and hopefully I won't miss a week from now onward.

Today, I'll be sharing my most used beauty tricks on how to make your lipstick last longer.
I find myself using these techniques a lot, especially when I'm wearing a nice bold lip color and I want it to last for as long as can be.

One thing I'd suggest you to do prior putting anything on your lips, is to ensure there are no flakes of dead skin on them. Prep your lips by exfoliating them, this will get rid of the dead skin. Make sure you moisturize your lips afterwards by applying lip balm or chap-stick, preferably non-oily lip balm. Anything with a waxy consistency will do just fine rather than a greasy consistency, which could cause color to slide right off.

Here are 5 tricks to lock your lipstick into place:

1. Concealer/Foundation

Pat a little foundation or concealer over lips. Don't completely erase your mouth, but the idea is to cancel out your lip's natural color so that your lip color's true hue comes through. Apply your lipstick as you normally would. This trick not only acts as an adhesive for the lipstick but also helps enhance the lipstick's true color If you have a dark skin tone.

2. Lip Liner

Take a lip liner similar to the lipstick you're going to apply and outline the lips, as well as fill them in and apply your lipstick over it. The dry texture of the lip liner will serves as a layer of color for the lipstick to grab onto.

3. Powder

Once you have applied a coat of your lipstick, take a tissue and separate it into two halves. Place one sheet on your lips and dust a loose setting powder over the lips, through the tissue (Preferably Translucent Loose Powder. Like, the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder or the e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder. Reapply the lipstick. The lipstick will absorb the powder and seal it in place.

4. Eye-shadow

Some people may find the idea of applying eye-shadow on their lips to be rather queer, however it's actually a very effective way of making your lip color much longer. 
Once you have applied your lip color, Take an eye-shadow on your finger (or a brush) and pat a bit of a matte eye-shadow which matches with your lip color, on your lips (Or you could apply a shimmery eye-shadow if you are going for more of a fancy look). The eye-shadow will lock your lip color in place.

5. Concealer Around The Edges

Take a precise concealer brush and go around the edges of your lips. Tap softly with your finger to blend. When you're wearing a bold lip color, outlining the outer edge of your lip line with concealer will create a barrier to prevent bleeding or feathering of the lipstick. 
Now, all you gotta do is smile! :D
Your lip color has a long way to go!
I hope these tips and tricks helpful. I will talk to you lovely people in my next blog post, till then take care and
Stay Fabulous~